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That is the point VK!!

A lot of the user in this platform argues against the conditions of the UC seats in some aircrafts and their negative experiences and still though VS is highly merited in this year survey? I am still dumbstruck!
In the past the flipping of the seat cushion was okay and that only lounging and sleeping mode as choices for the seat was bearable. The inconsistency in food quality. Some of the frequent flyers argue to eat as much in lounge and sleep on board and just have a small snack and eat at the arrival lounge. I think that is a sign of dissatisfaction onboard. Well, staying the whole time at the bar and drinking my upsets against the seat and other services onboard is not the premium experience I payed for!

But now with all the big choices and competitions out there. Why should I support those obselete aspects of UC anymore. They want my money right? Yes, Prem Y is good but please–it is not in the league with NZ and QF comparing to the overall service package you get.