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I travelled from Dublin to Orlando via Newark on UA last Christmas with my family. We have small children so we handed over the stroller at the gate (aircraft door) and surprisingly it was lost.
We spent a week at Disneyworld and had to use the expensive rental strollers everyday hoping that we get a call that UA has found the strollers…
UA never found the stroller, we claimed the cost of stroller and asked for reimbursement of rental strollers.
After waiting 8 whole months, we were told that they cannot reimburse the cost of stroller as we dont have a receipt (we purchased by cash 2 years ago but sent pictures of it with our children) and they gave us a $200 voucher to be used on UA only with a 1 year expiry date. After filling all sorts of forms with bank details, I was expecting to receive cash back but is this what it is?