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While the SQ internally classifies its service as being “regional”, I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about. The “regional” C seat is a normal lie flat wedgie seat and no worse than the Spacebed (offered to FRA, JFK, NRT and LAX) or any competitor offering between SE Asia and Australia, with the exception of a small handful of QF/BA flights with fully flat beds. By this definition of regional, LH is only a regional airline as it doesn’t offer fully flat beds anywhere. Are there any other examples of inferior service vs other SQ flights? Same lounge, same IFE, same champagne, same (measly) amenity kit… anything else different?

As for “one meal flights”, 3 out of the 4 SIN-SYD flights and *all* 4 of the return SYD-SIN flights serve two meals, so I’m not sure what the problem is? Bottom line: if you want two meals, don’t choose a midnight departure, when the majority of your fellow passengers would rather sleep