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Two days ago I flew from the Canaries to London on Ryanair. During the four hour flight, which took off at 6am so most passengers were trying to sleep, I counted seven different announcements trying to sell things to those on board. Scratch cards, food, two different gift/duty free runs etc. These weren’t the ‘gentle’ nighttime style announcements that cabin crew are capable of. They were of the loud ‘hard sell’ variety designed to wake people up, or at least not giving two hoots about the 50% or more of the flight who were sleeping.

God help anyone on a Ryanair long haul flight who plans to get some rest. Some things are worth more than money, and (for me anyway) rest and relaxation are two of them. As you probably guessed, I only flew Ryanair because there was no other convenient alternative. Thankfully, there is rarely such lack of choice in the long haul marketplace.