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Apologies for the tardiness of my return Fraght review. Far too busy enjoying life last week…Anyway find below. The home straight and it’s all about timing it right.


“Voodoo Prince“ romping home in the afternoon must be a good omen for our evening sprint across the Irish sea. As well as ensuring our trip finishes with a profitable kick into our winning purses. So feeling flush a taxi is now our chosen chariot to DUB. Allowing us time for another juice or two or three, before heading to the plane station for our 9.50 departure.

Arriving well before 8, we Hurricane Fly through security and it’s good to see the boarding pass scanners working, shame about the woman in front who didn’t seem to realise the importance of the barcode! More importantly the x-ray machines are now manned to cope with demand. It took a while, but well done the DAA.

Not so well done is transforming the X-ray machines into a space and time portal. I’m sure before I took my shoes off I was in an airport! By the time my shoes and I are re-aquatinted 10 seconds later, I find myself, face to face, smelling the breath of “The Retailosaur” as it sharpens its teeth and claws in an attempt to free me of my remaining Euro’s!

Almost get to the Sports bar on the 2nd floor, but I succumb to the “Retailosaur” and purchase some fine Irish Power whiskey for my golf trip up north last week. My Guinness awaits me, but I have to gulp up as we are getting huckled out the sports bar at 8.30. In fact I’m made to feel as welcome as Kim Jung Sin at a CND meeting. I have to ask myself if I’m still in Ireland!

Which is annoying because this is probably the best bar in T1. With Neigh chance of a 2nd pint we cantered down to the bar closest to Gate 103. Arriving just after 10 to 9 at our 2nd watering hole, a sideways glance at our departure gate, and all is well with nothing much happening. The departure board at 9, displays “GO TO GATE”.

Now, you might all be wondering why I’m being as precise with time as a Swiss watchmaker. The reason, the last time I flew with FRyanscare I missed my flight due to the massively wrong assumption that the departure boards is representative of the flight status. Not wishing this trip to turn into another £110 FRightmare surcharge I was more”MEERKATISH” than Alexsandr. That is how you spell his name.

Now at 9.10, my pal decides we have time for 1 last pint in the Emerald Isle and oddly he wants a sandwich too! ”We’ve got plenty of time he declares as the pints are being poured. Like our O/B flight, queue the boards to change to “BOARDING”.

A quick glance at the long queue and it’s as stationery as an obstinate mule!

Mate at the bar confidently declares “We’ve plenty of time, we’re not scheduled to depart till 9.50 ”. A few minutes later we reach a compromise and walk and drink the 50 yards to the gate.

Well the horses have well and truly bolted. Now at 9.15 the board is flashing “FINAL CALL” and our “Q” seem’s to have “Shergar’ed” itself. We beat the Gate Dragon’s by a short nose!

We are literally the last 4 people to board, and not having checked luggage I’m sure we would have missed the flight if we had remained in the bar area until 9.20 (the official gate closing time). Being last to board we avoided the normal Beechers Brook chaos and quickly took our seats, managing to sit together as the flight was probably about 75% full 5 minutes later we were airborne. A FULL 20 MINUTES BEFORE OUR SCHEDULED DEPARTURE….

Nothing to report, apart from the young Polish lass getting herself into a tizzy as she tried to work out the correct change for the family who paid in Euro’s but wanted Sterling back, Sounded like she was trying to work out a treble reverse each way forecast! Anyway the CC did their normal Del Boy sales routine, resulting in a pleasant glass of wine and we were soon arriving into EDI, a full 40 minutes early.

Deplaned quickly at Gate 1A (next to International arrivals). The pilot needn’t have bothered. UKBA or whatever they call themselves nowadays didn’t even bother cheerily greeting us back to UK so we were soon in the terminal. Having to reschedule our taxi to pick us up! And worse still the EDI non-airside bar was SHUT!!

As I mentioned in my first review, if you play O’Leary at his own game, you can certainly enjoy cheap travel, with relative ease as long as you know the quirkiness of flying Ryanscare. But here is the big BUT…I would bet my bottom dollar that the O’LEARYCLOCK is designed to catch out those of us who regularly travel on airlines that play by normal sensible customer focussed rules. I’m sure one of these days a FRIGHTSCARE flight will make the news for arriving before it left.

So as I said at the start, Punchestown festival for a score each way, or £40 return, that’s almost cheaper than the taxi back to our village.

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