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thebigseats, no, that mapping seems pretty sensible. bmi *A Gold is roughly equivalent in benefits to BA EC Silver/OW Sapphire. bmi (and TG and several others) do not have a super-premium/HON/platinum equivalent, and therefore cannot be mapped to FB Platinum

Let’s face it, the reason we all choose to be bmi *A Gold is because it’s easy to get to – much easier than BA EC Gold. I’m not complaining

Still, this is an excellent deal, even if I let it lapse after one year, if nothing else then for lounge access those rare times I am forced to not fly *A, because it doesn’t fly the route (LHR/LCY-CDG, LHR/LCY-AMS, LHR-LIN, LCY-EDI)

Must get round to doing this, and thanks to P.Sepsas and others for flagging the offer