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Delta seemed to have encouraged several press releases over the last few weeks saying that it is a ‘done deal’ for JAL to switch from Oneworld to Skyteam.
Personally I think that it would be most unlikely that JAL would get ATI with Delta across the Pacific. If they did they would hold a huge percentage of the traffic with Star holding the rest.
Hardly fostering competition.
Japan would be left with two dominant groupings (Skyteam and Star) in place of the three that exist at the moment (Skyteam Star and Oneworld).
Delta might like to think that it is a done deal, but I do not think that it is over until ‘The fat Lady sings.’
Common sense may yet prevail and some semblence of compitition remain.
The new investors (and Delta) in JAL may like a duopoly but the travelling public won’t!!!!.