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This article was published today (11th June) in TRAVEL WEEKLY
“Regulator set to approve Delta-Virgin Atlantic deal”

The 60% BA-AA versus 25% Delta-Virgin Atlantic split of the US to UK market seems to allay any competition concerns. However, the article does not mention the traffic split between oneworld, Skyteam (+ Virgin Atl.), and even Star, between Europe and the USA or even North America (Cn-US-Mx). That would be interesting information to see.

The other thing which is not mentioned is the lack of reciprocity between Europe and the USA. The USA still does not permit foreign shareholdings of its airlines greater than 25%. Yet Singapore´s 49% of Virgin gleefully handed over to Delta without a murmur of protest. This is shameful kowtowing to US interests. Is it not time to make a point about this imbalance?