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Thanks for coming on again ExecPlatAA – very valid points.

I guess one’s experience in terms of the ‘soft’ product can also depend on which airline you hold elite status with. For example you are obviously a OWE via elite status with AA. So I guess maybe AA’s policy is to recognise their own elites – I can honestly say that in many F/J sectors on AA I have never had a ‘welcome’ or ‘introduction’ as a OWE by ways of BA Gold. Just to add not that i’m a fan of the ‘hi mr xxx I hope you enjoy the flight’ blah blah blah anyway. But just to offer a comparison. By the way – I LOVE AA crews generally. I know they are not to everyones taste but i’ve always had nothing but positive experience with them. I guess each of the OneWorld airlines have their own policy with ‘introductions’ to OneWorld Elites. For example I know with BA there is no policy for a greeting to non-BA OWE. Although saying that even as a BA Gold I would reckon i’ve only had the spiel 20% of the time. Cathay has been 100%. AA – never. Qantas, often but only longhaul in J. Qatar/Malaysian/Royal Jordanian never.

I guess also being crew I can look at the differences from the other side of the coin. For example I know CX still have pretty decent crew ratios and the IFSM does not form part of the service so there is no excuse really for them not to take the time to make introductions. This used to be the same at BA but for the last few years the CSD role has been written into the Club World service and as many will say ‘I can’t be in two places at one time;. I guess many other airlines have had to involve their cabin leads into the service routines.

Just on the subject of warm champagne – tell the crew! If I had a passenger mention the champagne is warm on board I would immediately put the bottle on ice and then return a chilled glass a little later on. It may no longer be wanted at this stage, but I think it’s important to apologise and at least demonstrate you’ve tried to put things right. The crew do not have that opportunity if no-one speaks up. I can’t say all my colleagues at my airline would do the same….but i’d be quietly confident that such a thing would happen at CX.

I’ve always found issues get addressed pretty swiftly at CX. The only time I have ever really had an issue is on a night flight with a seat in the mini J cabin. CX have a rather unusual policy for cabin crew rest on non-bunked aircraft. They have no Y seats blocked out for them – instead the CX policy is to allow the crew to use any unoccupied seats, including those in J. Not an idea I really agree with. Anyway on a night flight while sound asleep I could hear a lot of chatting and giggling going on behind me – two of the cabin crew taking their rest. It took only once for me to raise my head and look in their direction and they instantly fell silent. After breakfast one of the crew brought me a bottle of champagne in way of apology. Not at all expected but was a nice gesture.

Oh, and re your comment” Between BA and CX – come on, of course CX” I think you will find complete agreement on this forum! 🙂

Happy flying!

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