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A lot of us in this forum have already commented over the C seat and cabin already. But now finally found the right thread. What has CX been doing all about this negative comments over the past months about the hated not so new C class seating? Well, frankly “nothing”. I have asked the purser on my last C class trip with CX about this. She replied that the opinions are discordant. Some like the high partition and privacy and oversee the narrow width. While others have the total different approach to it.

They argue that when you recline the seat a bit– the seat width enhances. That is right, I experieced it myself. It really gets comfortable with more recline than the upright position. But this do not solve the problem that the width is still narrow( no offence to smaller people or who are slender) for bigger pax. One might think they impose a body width limitation. You really feel claustrophobic after a fashion. As the matter of socialising, because of the high partition you cannot see your travelling mate. You can still talk through the partition but I looks and feels awkward. And you forget that on the other side of the partition a different unknown pax is getting everything you say and feels addressed to your comments as he/she does not see you at all to know that he/she is not the person involved. And one personal thing/comment about the seating configuration–I hate to see other people’s feet– especially when they do not have socks on!!!
Luckily the other well renowned service like food and entertainment and F/A’s service attitude are still good.

I know CX will argue that they need more pax for their yields. Yes, understand–but sacrificing the comfort of your not so slender pax? The point is CX–there are other major airlines out there which have far more better seat width and is still outstanding with all the new generation C class seat has to offer. CX you cannot only refer to your previous laurels and think everything will be fine and the pax will get used to the negative parts of the seat. You know pax are very choosey. One is very easily upset and change loyalty to the airline who gives them the most they wanted.

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