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Well it is not just the LGW 777s that are in need of some updating, some of their, or at least one, of their LHR ones need some treatment as well.

I have flown 772s in the past year that were nicely upgraded, but the 772 to BKK had the old, Y+, the old Y, and the pretty rubbish selection of Inflight Entertainment throughout, including J where I was.

What was noticeable however, is how comfy and spacious the BA 777 economy was compared to the 788, which was the last long haul flight I went on. Passengers looked FAR more relaxed, and I remember thinking the 777 lot would be much more likely to choose BA again.

So lets just hope that any LGW refurb does not result in “new upgraded,slimline (10 across ) seating…” and simply catches most of the LHR fleet which has pretty decent products (BA J is for a separate discussion).

FDOS you made me chuckle again…