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Gold Card Holders should be welcomed and I try to do it.

I usually work by choice as the rear CSL / Purser. on my last flight on a 747 the were 40 Gold Cards Mixed throughout all Cabins, the flight was full. We weren’t expecting it to be full be in the end we were. We therefore had a last minute top up of catering, that takes quite a while to sort out. I had 30 special meals + the new meal preorders. Numerous people were upgrade. Either Traveler to Plus or Plus to Club. Several of the special meal pax had been upgrade, so I spent a long while transfering meals between Club and WT. I was then keen to get the service going asap and for it to run as smoothly as possible, as Pax don’t appreciate a long wait for a drink. We also had numerous IFE problems. By the time I had got around to looking at the passenger list in detail and saw the 10 to 15 golds in the rear of the aircraft, it was some time after the meal service ( felt like I had been running a marathon and had not stopped for 2 seconds from when I had first got on the aircraft) It felt a little late to be saying welcome onboard. Would I want someone coming and talking to me after dinner, when I am relaxing watching a film or doing some work – no. Perhaps some would, It is a difficult one.

On my previous 2 flights I had between 3 and 8 gold in the rear and I welcomed all of them.

As the CSD on a 747 is part of the Service, they cannot possibly say Welcome to all , when there is such a large number. When the CSD was not part of the service they had much more time to do this.

As Crew , I would like to have the time and the manpower to get everything done as professionally and as seamlessly as possible. I didn’t feel great about not saying the Welcome, but must admit I did prioritise to get all the catering sorted and the service started. When there are a only couple and everything is going to plan, I can even do it before we take off or the CSD may well say they will do it. Passengers will be surprised at how many Gold Card holders there are on some flights, it also makes me smile when I see it written on here that someone is sure that there weren’t many as it was a certain route.That is not always the case. Gold Cards holders travel on all routes and in all Cabins.

I will try and say hello to you If I don’t or other Crew don’t, it is generally not because we are being lazy, but a lot is going on behind the scene that you are not aware of.

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