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This seems to be the time to drift off topic and recount my favourite story about Mashad, from when we lived in Iran, many years ago (in the Shah’s day).

Mashad had a zoo then. Maybe it still does. The zoo was losing money and they had the bright idea of staging a spectacular of their one and only (elderly and slightly moth-eaten) lion killing and eating a live donkey.

So tickets were sold, an amphitheatre was knocked up out of scaffolding and planks, the donkey was shoved into it, and the lion (which had been kept on short rations for a couple of weeks, to sharpen its appetite) was shoved in after it.

The lion came up to the donkey, sniffed at it, let out an apology for a warning roar, and the donkey pirouetted, kicked out with its hind legs, and connected right on the lion’s head. And the lion dropped dead on the spot.

One of those frozen moments and then the crowd roared its approval. Scenting a commercial opportunity, the zoo put the donkey in a truck, exhibited it around Iran as The Donkey That Killed The Lion, and absolutely cleaned up.

Sorry, back on topic now…

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