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Ciprian Hirlea

Check in was quick with a really nice agent. Made my way to the lounge which for an American lounge is really good.

I had priority boarding which worked out fine and found my seat. Configuration is 3-4-3 and I had a window seat and thankfully a spare seat next to me. We took off on time and then I noticed 2 pax being upgraded, not very well handled in full view of jealous Y pax (me).

Drinks were offered followed by an acceptable dinner and then I managed to sleep for about 4 hours, and this is in Y! Breakfast was served but hardly worth waking up for, I would have preferred to sleep for longer and just had a cup of tea.

Cabin crew were friendly and polite. One annoying thing is the constant announcements that nobody could hear, what is the point of that?

Overall, a good flight and I would not hesitate to fly BA again.

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