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Well, here I am in the BA F lounge at LHR T3 feeling, frankly, a bit narked. I am on BA9 to BKK, whence I want to connect to a TG flight to HK. These are on separate tickets. Perhaps you will all think that I set myself up for a fall, but I was thoroughly dismayed when I checked in that BA have refused to check my bags through onto my connecting flight. The reason given is part of why I am annoyed – they maintained that they didn’t have an agreement with Thai to transfer bags. Now, I happen to know that this is untrue, partly because a quick google search (while I was at the desk) revealed that BA is listed on TG’s website as an airline with which is has an interline agreement, but also because on my way here I was able to check my bags through from HKG-BKK-LHR on TG and BA – on exactly the same tickets! I even showed them the baggage receipts for my inbound flight to prove that what they were saying was wrong, but they still refused to check me through

Am I being unreasonable for even asking, or am I right to feel aggrieved because BA refuse to do the same as TG (or, more pertinently, because they lied about their reason for doing so)?

Still a couple of hours before my flight so if anyone has any helpful advice as to how I can persuade them to check my bags through within that period (long shot, I know, but I also know how BTers can rally to the cause!) it would be most welcome

Oh, and they gave me the wrong seat assignment, too, without pointing it out or notifying me, and only changed it to my pre-allocated seat (with very poor grace) after I showed them a printout of my booking confirmation with the seat I had chosen. Not covering themselves in glory, at check-in, although they did give me a spa appointment – although even that took a phone call to ensure that my business class long-haul ticket combined with oneworld emerald were enough for them to deign that I was eligible!