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BritFlier – 09/06/2013 09:41 GMT : How would you rate a herringbone like VS or CX? A straight line would probably intersect 6 seats, but I’m sure most would view it as a 3

Won’t speak for VS as I haven’t flown them for years, but I fly CX regularly. There is an element of overlap in that the footwell is next to the shoulders of the person in front. The configuration, though, makes it very difficult to describe it as anything other than 1-2-1.

I have previously posted (I don’t recall in which thread) that it looks to me as though EK is 8 across, but they have taken advantage of the staggered layout to say it is a staggered 1-2-1, and that BA could have made the same claim by giving different row numbers to the forward-facing and rearward-facing seats respectively in each of the existing rows. At the end of the day, though, it seems to me that the crucial issues in terms of the number of seats across each row and the configuration are these:
1. The width of the seat
2. The amount of personal space in and around your seat
3. Aisle access

On each of these criteria, IMHO, CX wins hands down. Second would be EK (which I have never flown, I confess, I am basing this on the pictures I have seen) because of the large cocktail table/storage space, and the direct aisle access. BA (which I have flown) comes a distant third due to the fact that not all have direct aisle access and the personal space (tiny cocktail tables and a drawer which you can’t access unless your seat is in the “chair” configuration) is woeful. It may be that the shoulder space is slightly better due to the yin-yang configuration, but frankly I still find it fairly cramped. And don’t get me started on that wretched divider…


I realise BritFlier was talking of a 3-across CX configuration. I think that only ever appeared on the A330 when it had the old (so-called coffin) seats. I was talking about the new CX seat, which is to be found only in 1-2-1 configurations on the B777 and, as of recently, the A330 as well (it seems from the CX site that all the long-haul A330s have been retrofitted). So far as I can tell, the old seats now feature only on the B747s and A340s (which are due to be retired)

Also, going back to the title of the thread – I would be a little less sanguine than the OP about the calmness under stress of the maintenance crew who recently forgot to lock down a couple of engine cowls…

EDITED FURTHER to add the reference to A340s above. D’OH!! How could I have forgotten about them?!

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