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Now I am a big BA fan, but the changes in all lounges have spoiled the BA experience !
The only crisps are now plain sea salt -what ! I look forward to the yellow mature cheddar crisps and a choice. To cover the cost saving they have jars of cardboard stuff covered in horrible e-number atificial flavourings Ugh!.
I flew to Edinburgh on a flight that started boarding at 17.50 and having told my wife I wouldn’t need a meal when I arrive home at 8.00pm, there’s no hot curry or any hot food. They are diminishing the premium experience that makes BA fans. Are they trying to drive me to the cheaper Virgin flights to Edinburgh? All the lounges Gatwick/Heathrow etc have the same plain crisps choice – what a disappointment.
If anyone from BA is reading this, get it sorted before we all fall out of love with you.
One compliment,I don’t know if there has been a change of wine buyer but over the last few months I have noticed a real improvment in the lounges and on board.