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Travellator, the BA check-in is at one end of the departure area, CX at the other. If you start at the BA check-in and then go through security and immigration, you would normally turn right along the upper level to get to the BA/QF lounge. To get to The Wing you would turn left instead and proceed to the other side of the building (about a ten minute walk). However, the route that way is either a bit roundabout or requires you to go along a long narrow passage, so in fact I would recommend that after you check in you walk to the other entrance for security and immigration near the CX check-in desks. Then, after you exit immigration, just turn left on the upper level and The Wing is right there. And it is totally worth the walk! Again, about a ten-minute walk to the usual BA gates, but probably better to do that on the lower level. Bear in mind flights are NOT called in the CX lounges. If you do use the lounge, in addition to scoffing the food, try to give yourself time to use one of the cabanas 🙂