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Good Afternoon from the home of Canucklad! 🙂

Just a quick slightly off topic comment on lounge catering- gracious and very friendly welcome here in the F Lounge at YVR. Explained all our options and table service with a smile.

If you wondered where all the Walker’s biccies have gone – they are here! I asked the lounge lady and she said she had heard about this “open catering” and that it was being trialled in New York. From her expression when I told her about the furore it was causing in LHR, it would seem she perhaps agreed that in this situation “open catering” is not the best idea.

Will be heading back through LHR, CCR tomorrow, so we will see. It was OK on the way out, but I think I did mention the guy returning from the toilets and sticking his hand into the big jar of loose snack mix. Yuck! Despite there being tongs, small bowls and napkins right in front of every jar. But not the caterers fault, just bad manners on the part of this pax anyway. And I am sure he was not the only one!