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Ian, agreed. I’ve never though been waitlisted on a *A flight and not got on in at least C so that really does work and I think works much better as a G than a silver.

The trouble with all the alliances now is that they really have too many top tier members and as they grow it only gets worse. Perks are meant to be exclusive but they aren’t.

Of all, I think SIA manage it best and although not everyone likes what they do they are upfront and consistent with it.

As I’ve said before, I’m loyal to no carrier other than the one who offers me the best fare for the service they offer so I regard FF status as something of an incidental to my travel. It’s useful to cash in miles when we want a shorthaul weekend away but other than that, I have no expectations of it.

I suppose that puts me in a very different place to someone who scrapes in to a gold tier with whatever airline using cheap tickets and has an anxiety about making it or not. Then I think your expectations are much higher but unfortunatley they are often dashed when perceived perks are not there.