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Having used the C lounges at T5 multiple times and the Concorde Room once, I would not choose to fly BA. The C lounges are ok but often so busy and the breakfast food selection is difficult for anyone who has certain allergies. The service in the Concorde room was near non-existent and the Cabanas felt like a tacky pay per hour motel. The stains on the walls, floor and ceiling did not help.

To be bussed to the gate, then having to suffer the sardined Club or First didn’t improve things. Would choose LH, TG, EK, EY, CX, LX, SQ etc over BA. In fact recently, declined use of 2-for-1 AMEX Avios redemption in F to fly back with TG. When taking into account the positioning flight to get to PVG (the only destination in Asia with F available in a 6 week period) and the fuel surcharges, we ended up paying only a couple of hundred pounds extra yet saving 100,000 Avios.