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I was in the GF earlier this week over lunch time. I found it adequate but no more. I did think the lounge was looking a little tired in places and it could do with a good clean up. When I arrived my boarding pass was scanned without a word being said to me and I don’t think the two dragons faltered in their conversation with each other although I said good afternoon, it wasn’t so much as acknowledged.

At the moment I’m in the QR lounge which is a business class lounge. There is no comparison, this is superior in every way. It’s bright, clean, in excellent condition and the hospitality offering is probably the best on offer at LHR. The staff are attentive without being intrusive and there was a warm welcome on arrival. You don’t either need to watch the screens, the staff come round and advise you when it is time to leave quietly and discretely.

This lounge is a winner.