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British Airways made an operating profit of £300m in 2012/2013.

Just saying it made a loss doesn’t make it so, however much you might wish for that outcome.

There is clear evidence from those of us that actually do fly with BA that elements of the quality of the lounge offering have improved, and once BaxterStorey has access to the proper food preparation facilities from July 1st that things will improve more broadly.

While I’m sure savings were made, as any sensible supplier renegotiation should focus on value for money, it remains to be seen whether cost was the primary motivator for the renegotiation – I don’t think it was; as we haven’t seen the final offering from Baxter Storey, it’s difficult to make a judgement unless you were party to the negotiations….

I’m looking forward to flying on BA’s 787, a slightly more up to date aircraft than the dated A340, as well as enjoying the newest version of the A380 which Lufthansa won’t get for a while yet.