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for the sceptic people: WW is at Taste of London, ready to talk business:


VintageKrug – 10/05/2013 14:02 GMT

I went along last year. Spent quite a bit of time “hob nobbing” with various senior people involved in delivering service.

All the BA food and nibbles is indeed gratis, the top end restaurants charge, but it’s an easy way to sample several new places and put them on the list for later in the year.

At previous events I have spent 15-20 minutes questioning Willie himself, met Frank van der Post and Abbie Comber several times as well as a few of the catering team, some of whom impressed.

It’s absolutely an opportunity for anyone with a Silver or Gold card to speak to the senior team directly.

All that’s needed is some gumption to introduce yourself. Anyone who is capable of asking intelligent questions rather than just moaning about petty service failures will be richly rewarded.

I am looking forward to the reports of the visitors.