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It isn’t so much an agenda as an infection of negativity! Read this article about retweets on twitter.

Basically, what this analysis showed was that if someone posts a negative comment, that was much likely to be retweeted whereas a positive comment was far less likely to be retweeted. More than that, retweets tended to reinforce the negativity of the original tweeter.

In summary:

Negativity is contagious, positivity is not contagious.
Negativity is reinforcing, positivity is not reinforcing.

When I think of some of the threads we have had over the years on BT, I would say this is a fair summary of how they develop. I am trying to think of a thread which could be described as an outbreak of positivity but I am struggling.

For the sake of completeness, I have no views whatsoever on the subject of this thread as I haven’t been in a BA lounge since January.