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Yes, I’ve been studying ftdashboard for a while, looking at the MIA flights. It’s my understanding that all the 777s with a First cabin have now been updated, as well as the Hi-J 747s. The only 4 class aircraft that have not been updated with NF are the Mid-Js, and that they are going to be retired, rather than updated. (correct me if I’m wrong please)

Looking forward as to the aircraft assignments for MIA, it appears they will remain on 2 flights a day, served by 747s, so the only changing factor would be the gradual retirement of the Mid-J fleet. I’m just wondering over what period of time they plan to take those 12 or so aircraft out of service, and by what point we can safely assume that NF will be on 100% of their 4-class product. I imagine there must be a tentative schedule for this, tied in with the introduction of the A380s.