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Latest rumor is inaugural flight will be 4th July – LHR – IAD.

I start my 787 training course in a couple of weeks. Quite excited. Will be so nice to actually work onn something ‘new’.

It’s not just about the new aircraft though. The crew working on it will work differently. Firstly, all the crew working on it have applied to work on the 787 instead of the usual BA style of allocating on seniority. The 787 crews will also form part of new teams. These small teams will fly together as crews approximately once every four weeks to improve performance management and development. CSD’s on the 787 will also perform a dual ground-air based role. This system of working will also apply to the A380 crews it is believed.

On board it has been rumored that there will be no carts/trolleys in CW and a move to a complete service by hand. But as details won’t be know for sure until the training courses commence, let’s wait and see for the fact versus the rumor. 🙂