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Checked in at LAX Tom Bradley for a 1725 flight to LHR with 3 excess suitcases, the Skycaps were on hand to help with the volume of cases.The BA checkin lady advised me that l had been selected for the enhanced security checks (the dreaded pat down !!) and to proceed through security an extra 10 min earlier.I mentioned to her that the way she announced that l had been selected l felt as though l should be honoured !. she found this amusing and wished me a pleasant flight.

Tom Bradley is equipped with all that you need to enjoy before a long haul flight, perhaps duty free could do with more selection, but thats a matter of choice.

Proceeded through security and the lady confirmed l had been selected for enhanced security checks and to follow her, which l did. The whole process was handled very professionaly by 3 people, they even swobbed the inside of the carry on bag, the pat down, itself was handled with dignity and took all of 10 mins, By the time it was over l thanked the staff for their professionalism and in view of the burly guy who did the pat down, could l go round again, these guy DO have a sense of humour, he laughed and said oh it doesnt work that way, but have a nice flight.

Boarding didnt start till under half an hour before departure and those of in Premium Economy , boarded with Business and First class pasengers. My seat prebooked at the back 15A is a great seat. No one behind you and you have some extra space at the side of your seat, great to put the cushion,paper and duty free purchases there. You also have space behind you to recline without fear of disturbing anyone. The window provides a great view for those of us that like to gaze out and watch the take of and view as we flew over America.

The proximity to the toilets are not an issue and generally it was a quiet seat. Food service was quick and a delicious meal was provided, a regular drinks service was also provided, late at night and during the night the stewart went round offering water or Orange juice, but iof you need anything else just press the call button. I dont tend to sleep on these flight, prefering to watch the moving map (jees how sad am l) or catch an inflight movie or interact with the person in the next seat, as 15B is class as a bad seat it tends to be last to go, its only bad in that the toilet is behind you and people can sometimes wait if your lucky it will remain empty..

The service is typical of BA stiff upper lip and no chit chat, but they do make an issue of that blasted curtain at the front of the cabin, as though beyond there was another world, and why do they need to affix the rope everytime, its not as though we would gatecrash there is it…

During the night all was calm with regular water/juice offerings and the noise of THAT curtain being swished back and fore.
With an arrival time of 11.30 a mid morning breakfast pack ,aptly named Me,Myself and my breakfast box is provided, yoghurt drink,muffin,cold sandwich and a large polo mint (lovely and refreshing! and a nice touch) perhaps it would be nice if they offerd a choice of either a yoghurt drink or orange juice.A welcoming hot drink was provided.

Before long we were decending through the clouds, it was amazing to see in the distance the other aircraft poping through the clouds as they headed westbound, the approach to LHR was wonderful and as we touched down to sunshine that fact hid how cold it was to be outside.
Luggage was ofloaded quickly and Terminal 5 is a breeze to use.

The skycaps lm afraid at T5 need a course in customer service, l asked the first one l saw if he was free, which he said he was, then we were followed by another (foreign) skycap lamenting that he was next, we ended up arguing and shouting over the luggage conveyor belts (l was a bit fragile after the long flight) he eventually took the hint and went of else where. The skycap service is a wonderful service, But sadly so unpublicised so you dont know it exists!!!

I departed T5 on the Heathrow express into London (a very cold London) with all memories of the flight slowly fading….

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