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You are wrong.

BASSA/CC89 lost approximately 3,000 members since this dispute started (see numbers balloted in first and last ballots), About 900 those are due to voluntary redundancies and 400 due to natural attrition so that’s a substantial number of resignations.

BA has always been willing to offer assurances about Mixed Fleet. Yes you have (some) contractual guarantees but the top up payment in the offer that was on the table before Unite called strikes even though BA and Unite had agreed to put the offer to the membership was financially a much better deal.

As for this being all that crew ever wanted, I thought there were ten items in this dispute, and wasn’t it all about imposition and then about “union busting”?

Unite agreed this deal because they knew any strike would be unprotected. BA told Unite this nearly 12 months ago.

The cost of the strikes was about £120m, not £300m which will be recouped as the savings are permanent.

And finally, calm down, you’ll burst a blood vessel.