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DXB to LHR, First class, morning flight

A bit of a hectic check in due to poorly managed lines, and the usual trek to the BA lounge prior to departure.

Dubai has a tiny lounge for all premium passengers, when we arrived about 1 hour pre-flight the lounge was packed, cluttered and very untidy. Incredibly poor selection of breakfast items and no Earl Grey tea, fortunately we had taken an early breakfast at the hotel. The lounge staff were not particularly helpful until the BA receptionist came to our rescue.

In all a dreadful experience and we couldnt wait to board our flight.

The cabin once again must have been one of the oldest cabins. We had two middle seats and were settled in nicely by again a very attentive crew, who were friendly and chatted appropriately.

Due to the poor lounge experience I couldn’t wait for lunch which was very good and plentiful.

Unfortunately, the IFE had a tiny screen so not such a good experience, but bearable.

A comfortable flight with an attentive crew in what is, I believe, a very comfortable first class seat.