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A friend came a cross this, so i though i would share it with you all…

Heston Blumenthal tackles airline and NHS food

Heston Blumenthal is hoping to do for much-mocked airline food and NHS meals what he did for Little Chef – by raising culinary standards.

The award-winning chef, whose Fat Duck restaurant ranks among the world’s best, aims to transform food and profits at five organisations for a Channel 4 series.

Heston’s Michelin Impossible will see him take on the kitchen challenges of British Airways, NHS, the Royal Navy, Cineworld Cinemas and ferry company Stena Line.

Blumenthal is known for his unconventional dishes and taste experiments and took on the task of overhauling roadside chain Little Chef for a previous series.

The series is to be aired from January

Channel 4 said: “Heston conducts outrageous and bizarre experiments in his quest to find solutions where other chefs have failed.”

Blumenthal will also be seen taking part in a season of programmes about fish, the Great Fish Fight.