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I am fed up with this forum. I have tried to come up with constructive comments regarding my experience on BA and yet indirectly get attacked that i am related to BASSA. Unless I am part of Vintage Krugs marketing compaign I get slated. I expected this to be deleted as I guess Tom Otley must be part of the campaign. It is a disgrace when I have given my honest opinions of my experience, both positive and bad – most so positive! And yet we never have the answer about who Vintage Krug is who upsets most people on this forum! vinatge krug is the only person who creates any real upset on this forum and very few believe him and so I must ask why he is allowed to stay unless he is paying BT. An honest answer will never be received as he is endlessly ignored who he is and so it is pointless writing honest reviews like me. I suggest VK is banned from this forum and we can have a proper debate (again will never happen as I suspect there are hidden agendas with BT). It is a joke!