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DisgustedofSwieqi – So after what period of time or to what degree of reverence must a poster achieve before being able to comment a post was off thread?

The comment made to your wife was wholly unacceptable. I sincerely hope she noted the CC’s name and reported it to the CSD and also handed a complaint form in.

You should also note from my previous post that the BA leadership has abused the previously highly professional cabin crew role by allowing it to become a refuge for displaced bus drivers, baggage handlers, surplus check-in clerks and others to minimise/avoid redundancy costs.

It should also be noted that during the recent disruption the BA leadership pushed VCC agenda to the full to ensure their recency. Fulltime professional crew who had made themselves available were left unused as VCC took their positions.

Regardless of whether the perpetrating CC was a VCC, a refugee or professional crew the treatment your wife received was unacceptable.