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MJP, I’m sure VK can answer for himself, but from my perusal of his posts, almost all of the information he gives IS actually available in the public domain (including websites such as the various union sites, pprune, etc.) and he generally provides the links. I have noted on several occasions that he has also mentioned some of his information has been gleaned from discission with BA staff and executives, so I think he has been fairly upfront about it all.

I think we all need to be careful to accept people on this site for what they tell us they are; those who say they are from BA cabin crew, tech crew or BASSA, we need to accept that if that’s what they say they are, then we should presume they are telling the truth.

Similarly, when VK says he is a BA shareholder and passenger, but not employed by BA, then we should also do him the same courtesy of accepting that he is being truthful. Imputations that are made by some that VK “must be a BA executive” are offensive in that the people making those imputations are saying, effectively, that VK is a liar (as he has repeatedly said he does not work for BA).

To make such a statement or imputation is offensive, defamatory, and has no place on this or any other forum. We should be discussing the ISSUE, not attacking individuals or seeking to raise doubts about their veracity.

(Incidentally, I would be MUCH happier if everyone here used their real name – as I do. I think that would put an end to much of the petty, personal sniping).

On another forum here in Australia, I was recently accused of being a Qantas staffer or troll, because I dared to make the comment that I think QF cabin crew do a good job! (I do NOT work for QF, or anywhere in the travel industry, by the way).

It seems that many people on the net seem to think they can try to win a point by launching a personal attack against other posters, rather than actually dealing with the issue. This is a very low tactic – ‘gutless’, we would say in Australia.

And finally – I’m certain I have seen a couple of other posts from people here who have travelled with a mixed fleet crew; I don’t believe exbatraveller is the only one to have experienced this so far, though I do believe he is the only one to have posted a detailed review.

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