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“That’s all I have to say on this matter and will actually stop reading the BT forum.”

Well that will be a reflief for most of us, please will you take Alasdair with you.

As someone who holds a gold card with BA and has been travelling for over 30 years on business, let me make it quite clear that I am happy to see an inexperienced cabin crew team, so long as they are led by a suitably qualified manager.

There is quite a difference between cabin management and a 30 year experience captain finessing a difficult landing in challenging conditions.

As far as cabin crew goes, so long as they are trained to the standard required by the competent authority and they pass their SEP questions at briefing, they will do for me.

The reality is that no-one knows how anyone will perform in an emergency, until it is encountered and then one hopes the training will kick in.

Some of the worst service I have received is from flight attendantd\s rivalling Methusulah in years (mind you, I am thinking US carriers.)