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VK – don’t rise to kellner, redbowtie et al.

I don’t always agree with your views, but I do appreciate the time you spend looking things up and presenting them on here – I’ve certainly recognised some nuggets from company briefings, analysts reports, flight magazines, press reports. court judgments, forums like pprune, but don’t have time myself to constantly be monitoring them. So thanks for giving me the occasional updates.

Something that I would overwhelmingly agree with you on – splendid news on the MF debut and I wish them all the best. Not flying over the holiday period, but certainly would not have a problem being on debut flights.

Alasdair – you said above, “I think it means that person is looking forward to being served by an overworked, unprofessional/unexperienced crew who would otherwise be packing bags at ASDA (for all the money it is reported BA will be paying them).”

You’ve no more credibility on this subject.