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Hi everybody,

reading the previous comments, many people seem to think that crew are overpaid people who should not get paid extra for working weekend, nights, Xmas…

One of the main issue in the current dispute is the creation of the New Fleet, it will mean that current crew will have their most profitable routes taken away to this New Fleet and bit by bit, this fleet will grow when the current ones will start disappearing.

You will find some of the conditions regarding this new fleet and just have a think if working under such conditions, whether you will have on-board professional people who are committed to their jobs or just 20 years old taking the job for a couple of years to enjoy “their holidays”.
Will you think that BA will be the premium airline of choice when you are attended to by people who will be so overworked that they won’t be bothered at all and leave within a couple of years as it is currenlty the case in Gatwick.

BA seem to have spent a lot of money into making a great PR campaign and making believe a lot of people (as seen on this forum) that it has not a hidden agenda.

How would you feel if your boss told you that he/ she will start recruiting people on a much lower basic and working conditions and knowing that your post will dissapear in the long term. Would you really agree to it?

Think about that!


What would New fleet look like?

• New Fleet will exist as a totally separate fleet to all existing fleets
• New Fleet with have its own routes – both long and shorthaul
• New Fleet will operate to reduced crew complements
• Routes will be transferred across from existing LHR fleets as soon as BA can crew them
• New Fleet will have its own negotiating body
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet with have separate terms and conditions
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will work to basic Scheme
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will have no flying agreements
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will have minimum rest at base and
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will have scheme minimum days off i.e.
one day in seven off. Including time off down route, no double
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will have minimum statutory annual leave
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will stay in minimum spec Hotel, probably
at the Airport
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will have NO seniority and no bidding for
working positions
• Cabin Crew on New Fleet will have their “performance” determined
by their manger before this is paid
• Cabin crew on new fleet will have no annual increases based on
length of service increments, they will receive only a flat rate of
• “Performance” will be determined on factors such as sickness,
general attendance, customer satisfaction, punctuality, uniform
standards etc.
• Flying allowances will be based upon an hourly rate resembling LGW
• LGW hourly rate is now taxed at 65%
• There will be no other variable payments
• Basic pay will equate to market rate plus 10% – This is expected to
be around GBP11,000 for main crew and GBP20,000 for the single
• There will only be one paid grade of supervisor on all aircraft both
long and short haul
• There will be rostered GROUND duties
• There will be no redeployment agreement for any New Fleet crew
• All future recruitment will be in to New Fleet ONLY
• There will be NO TRANSFER RIGHTS for existing Cabin Crew at LHR or LGW in to New Fleet
• Gatwick Cabin Crew may no longer transfer in to existing LHR Fleets
• New Fleet contracts will contain the bare minimum of employment
• New Fleet employee policies will be based upon a minimum statutory code of practice (including discipline, grievance, sickness, maternity and special leave)
• Staff Travel policy for New Fleet crew is yet to be determined
(Remember: No Seniority)

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