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1. APD taxes go to the government which fritters them away on such things as £300m spent on laptops for the poor to catch up on the latest Hollyoaks using their (state funded) BBC iPlayer

2. Landing fees are retained by BAA plc which as a private company has no public service mandate whatever

3. To its credit, the government has recently begun to break up the former state monopoly of BAA, hence the recent sale of Gatwick to – urm – the owners of London City Airport (who run a tight shop, but doesn’t exactly diversify airport ownership in the South East)

4. London remains the busiest international airport in the world, processing 63 million people last year. While there are two US airports which are busier (Chicago and Atlanta) these are both significantly larger and also handle a much larger proportion of Domestic travellers than LHR. A few days of snow will hardly dent this, and is not significant in the scheme of things.

It seems the economists among us get it, others not so much….