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I disagree.

A few years ago, I travelled to Venice when it had its usual fog. The BA plane was equipped with something that allows the pilot to land with no visuals below X feet, and the captain made a comment about it, and pointed out that other airlines (ie easyjet/ryan air) don’t have this equipment, and we’d all be on our way to XXX airport. Obviously, because venice can get quite foggy quite often, then BA thought it a good investment.

How many times over the last 10 years has LHR been disrupted by snow? this year for a few days, and last year for a few days. I can’t recall (althought am happy to be corrected) any other snow cancellations for quite some time. Therefore, it obviously it would not have been a good investment to date.

How many people have chains on their cars in the UK? i would guess not many, given the reports in the paper, so therefore even individuals do not feel the need to invest in such snow equipment to make it worth while.