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Asia Pacific…..No, they do not have sufficient and given that the weather is the worst for 30 years you would not expect them to have. It would not make any business sense to spend millions of pounds on equipment that is used rarely.
Nor is it reasonable to expect an airline to make such an investment when the infrastructure does not support the operations in normal conditions let alone in the extremes they have now. My previous post on this detailed the issues faced by BA at LHR but of course this applies to most airlines with any operation of more than 4 a day. Qantas for example have had an awful time in recent weeks in terms of punctuality but they have at least operated. Lack of stands, remote bussing operations etc have all had an impact. If they and other minor operators can be affected in this way, then larger operations such a BA, BMI etc will suffer significantly more. This is particularly true of short haul where aircraft integrations are fundamental and where turnaround times are planned around 60 to 70mins.

I might add that CAA engineering requirements for carriers at home bases are of a higher standard than for carriers not at their home base. This means that a departure allowable fault in SYD would not be allowable in LHR for BA but the opposite holds true for non UK based airlines.

So it not simply a case of having de icing equipment you have to take a holistic approach.

Since the move to T5 BA operations have been transformed, that is a fact, and their punctuality and reliability is at record levels, also a fact. That they continue to have problems in these conditions is inevitable but without a 3rd runway, a new landlord and perhaps a move to a new off shore airport ( my personal preference) then cancellations and delays year round are inevitable.

None of this absolves BA or any other carrier from their responsibility to take care of disrupted and inconvenienced customers but it hopefully provides a background to the real issues BA and others face generally at LHR. In all our businesses we make decisions based on costs, profit or revenue protection and airlines, especially those run well, are no different.

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