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I certainly remember flying VC10s in the early seventies. But then, I remember flights from and to the Far East in Britannias in the early sixties (from Singapore, 27 hours with refuelling stops in the Maldives and Bahrein). I really am that old.

As to flight-crew courtesy and service levels ….. on average, standards have gone through the floor (despite individual star performances). But good service levels require that those delivering them are well managed, motivated and happy. Currently, they are unhappy precisely because they are not well-managed. Mr Walsh’s style (and I do not refer to his various cost-cutting initiatives in themselves) is humourless, uninterested in people, and unsupportive. A bottom-line focus is fine – but for real success in a service industry that requires enhanced people management skills. I don’t, know if Mr Walsh has them. If he does, he has yet to display them. Contrast with Rod Eddington.