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From my side, I’ve always found BA staff to be friendly and overly helpful. However, what has annoyed me is that BA is slowly downgrading their inflight offering without informing customers.

First it started with the absence of their ‘nibbles’ with the drinks service and then I found out (because I was unable to get any food) that their ‘raid the larder’ service – where you can go to the galley during the flight and choose a selctions of snacks to eat – is no longer available on flights under 10 hours.

What annoys me (as a very frequent flyer with BA) is that they don’t have the decency to tell me (and other travellers) about these changes. Whilst I disagree with them, there’s little I can do to change their approach; but if I know about these changes, i can at least plan for my flight better.

Do us a favour BA and please have the decency to let us know about these sorts of changes