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Excuse me if this has been discussed already.

I have just booked our European holiday for next year for the little vikings and Mrs Viking on

The flights were £71 each way each, so £142 return.

Yet on the next page, it says

2 Adults at £ 79.00 (each) and then taxes of £61.30 = £ 280.60
2 Children at £79.00 (each) and then taxes of £ 59.90 = £ 277.80

So miraculously, an extra £8 per person has come from somewhere.
I tried again, same result, no explanation..

But look closely, and at the bottom of the page where the £71 each way is quoted, it says

“The prices shown are intended to help you choose your most appropriate journey. The exact total will be shown after you have selected your outbound and inbound flights and may be higher than the amount shown on this page.”

May be….! I wonder if they are ever lower….

but then we get to

* booking fee.

I was expecting this to be £4.95.

It was £18.

£18 for four people! £4.50 per person ! On top of the ticket price and payable to BAmex.

The note on the previous page warned me, though.

“If you choose to pay using a UK billed credit card you will incur a credit card surcharge of £4.50 per ticket.”

So it’s my fault. I chose to use the credit card, so it’s my fault. It’s a BA Amex card, but it’s still my fault.

But what other options do I have?