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I agree GoonerLondon. Some well made points. You sound like the perfect, down to earth, customer that makes the job a pleasure.
Yes, the price of the ticket deserves the best, but its all about substance. The bling and gimmicks are just gravy. Stick to the basics of skilled service and ensuring the customer leaves the aircraft feeling as good as possible, this is the key.

To FCTraveller, please don’t take offence at the lounge staff. Unfortunately, if there is something we see umpteen times, it is people ‘trying it on’ both in the airport and on the aircraft, the ‘worth a try’ crowd who will fib through their teeth to get something they are not entitled to and if there is something that rattles other customers, rightly so in my mind, its seeing those not entitled enjoying the same privileges as those who are.
There is a pattern to this behaviour, different nationalities are more prone to this than others….but we wont go there for now.
But, maybe they could use a different greeting as you mentioned, I’ll pass it on.

The new F seat, sworn to secrecy, it is smart, sleek & I think it will go down well, fitting in with the way of thinking of GoonerLondon’s post.
It wont blow your mind, thats not the intention, Im sure the majority will approve.
There will always be some folk who can never be satisfied (“THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO STOW MY WOODEN LEG, ITS A DISGRACE, I’M NEVER FLYING BA EVER AGAIN”) plus of course, the British mentality is to hunt out the negativity in everything, but by focusing on the positives it may be a success.

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