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GoonerLondon – Well written post and you have captured the key elements. Frankly, I fly F on all my longhaul flights and fares have become dearer and dearer as the years go bye. Back end there are special offers but at the front end the carriers know they can squeeze the premium passngers and they do. This is why, a forum like this is so valuable. Facts, information and experiences help us to identify the best prodict and best value for our money.

BA are around 30% (or threabouts) cheaper than CX in F on the HKG/LHR route and that is a significant difference. Why do I not take the special offer ? Simply put, BA’s current F product does not begin to compare to CX’s F class bed/suite etc.

The same thing will happen if BA’s new F class does not compete on product. Sure, they may again offer deep discounts whch may wean over J class passengers from other airlines but not F class custom.

CX’s overall standards appear to have fallen but the kit is good and the F class hardware the best on a 747 !

I was a great BA fan back in the mid 90s when they introduced the first flat bed in jet travel but they have steadily gone downhill. An airline just has to invest capital in their equipment. Cabin, seats, that is what counts the most.

I am still going to try the new BA F when it arrives on the HKG/LHR route but only once unless…….