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I know what you mean, they can be so snotty. It really bugs me that every time you approach either the First Class check-in area or the Concorde Room, the question you get asked is: “Are you flying First today”. Well I wouldn’t be trying to gain access to the facilities if I wasn’t. All they need to do is ask to see your boarding pass/flight confirmation and not treat you like someone who is trying to freeload. It really bugs me. I’m sure if an A list celebrity fronts up, they don’t ask them if they’re flying First, so they shouldn’t ask anyone else.

And HKG, your complaint shows that their training is inadequate. Same with the call centre operators, the rubbish I get fed over the phone sometimes, things that are simply wrong, it happens a lot. On more than one occasion I’ve read them their own rules over the phone. Lounge access, they should all know that off the top of their heads.