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I always fly First when it’s available, and I always look for the best deals. It’s nothing to do with impressing the neighbours or anyone else for that matter.

I want the extra comfort, larger seat, car to the plane, a lounge where I can have a proper dinner before boarding (eg. Swiss and Lufthansa) and be able to use the VIP immigration desks on arrival.

Further, when I depart from foreign shores, I am escorted through security and immigration, no queues, no stop start dragging a bag. Not to mention increased baggage allowance, real phone numbers answered by real people etc.

It’s not about saving a few thousand, its about comfort and quality, and I’m happy to pay for this. Finally, when I go for a walk around the cabin to stretch my legs, I rarely see smiling faces, just cramped one’s!!! It’s worth every penny and I’m certainly smiling when I arrive!!!