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Further to my previous posting. There has been considerable editing done of the CE section of the BA website. The picture showing the old configuration has been changed and the wording has been considerably altered. It now reads:

“On board, enjoy good food, wine and extra legroom in the comfort of our separate Club Europe cabin where you’re guaranteed a window or aisle seat.”.

I have problems of both commission and omission with this. Firslty, where is the extra legroom? I don’t travel with a tape measure to check the seat ptich but it all looks the same to me. Secondly, if the intention is never to occupy the middle seats then why not say so? Why not add “and you will always have an empty seat next to you”?

My view is that BA has little room to manoeuvre in getting any further savings in economy or raising extra revenue in this area as this would play into the hands of budget carriers. On the other hand the premium cabins offer an opportunity for savings by lowering costs (and standards). The only question is how far are the customers prepared to stand for this and I suspect we are getting close to that mark.

Finally, as I said I hope you get a reply. I have given up using written complaints as a means of communication with BA. If you get a reply it is invariably late and is just that – a reply; no answers. I have also tried filling in a comments form, ticking the box requesting a reply. To date I have never received one. I now ask the Cabin Services Manager/Director to include my complaint in his or her report as I generally find the CSMs to be sympathetic and helpful and I trust them to do as they say they will.

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