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Well done Vintage Krug! I hope you get and post on this site, a full reply which deals with the questions I originally posed. Why was this done and why was this particular solution adopted? I somewhat charitably assumed when this move was announced that the intention was to get rid of an irritant that had plagued CE for many years. When I saw the new configuration (incidentally on a 319 which is even more cramped than the 737) I was appalled.

It appears to me that there were three alternatives available: do nothing and stop selling the E seat; change the DEF configuration to the AC configuration; and finally the current solution. Either of the first two would have been welcomed by regular CE users; the last has been roundly condemned in this forum. I cannot believe that it has to do with costs; the amount involved must be miniscule and disproportionate to the ill will it has caused. Until this question is satisfactorily answered suspicions as to BAs motives will be questioned.