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stevescoots, whilst I agree with your right to rant, I have to agree with RichHI1 in his comment “You learn the rules and follow them”. So whilst I have AA cardboard, I know that my Qantas Club card will get me into AA domestically.

Likewise, QF had a similar rule for access to Qantas Clubs – whereby pax in J (who had no QC status) were not allowed for a long time.

Your inabililty to access an AA Lounge shouldn’t be the major reason for switching carriers within oneworld, HOWEVER I have to agree that from the photo you posted, the state of the onboard seats is enough to help tip you over the edge. Even BA wouldn’t let their cabin interior get that filthy.

I can’t say that I am familar with the BA Lounge access rights for QF pax, but I’ll be reading up in the next 2 weeks to make sure we aren’t caught out.